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The Team


Muhammad Zaheeruddin (Ex-General Manager, Midas Advertising) has over 14 years experience in Production, Direction, Concept Development, Advertising, Marketing and Research in the related field. He has worked with leading advertising agencies and production houses in Pakistan and Dubai and has more than 200 TV commercials, 20 TV documentaries, 04 TV dramas, and 13 episodes magazine programme to his credit. He has been associated with Pakistan Television and Pakistan Broadcasting as a newscaster and had the opportunity to work as News Reporter/Producer for PTV.


Aftab Ahmed Asrar (Ex-Controller Programmes PTV) has served Pakistan Television for more than 38 years as Producer & Director and also held senior management positions. He received training for television programme productions from Central Television Institute, Chaklala, Rawalpindi and Nippon Hoso Kosai (NHK), Tokyo, Japan. He has hundreds of TV programmes to his credit.


Muhammad Nasir (Ex-Producer PBC, Director & Writer) Specializes in creating and developing original ideas of high commercial values for all known mode of communication. Have a master degree in strategic studies and training with Pakistan Broadcasting academy as producer, has yet many records of popularity using human psychology, the art of communications and commercialism. Living and working with production companies in US for more than one an half decades, is exposed to the world’s most powerful techniques of mass communication. Also has a unique opportunity to be selected for the HBO production unit in Virginia (VA) USA.




Akhter Waqar Azeem (Ex-MD PTV) He is a well known media personality. We are proudly associated with him and working under his guidance and consultancy for more than a year.  




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